January 1, 2018

Best Kia Mods Under $100

We love our Kias but we may not always have the funds to pay for all of those expensive modifications. Still, what good is having a car if you can not modify it in some way. So, for those of you who are a little cash strapped, here are the best 5 mods to make for under $100.

  1. K&N Air Filter
    Not only will this filter give you a horsepower or two, but it will also pay for itself. You will get better fuel economy and it can be cleaned and reused, saving you money ion expensive paper filters.
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  2. Chip Power Programmer
    Change the factory tunes to increase performance and even miles per gallon. Simple plug and play performance mod.
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  3. Full Synthetic Oil Change
    Oil may not be high on your list but switching to a quality grade of full synthetic oil, like Royal Purple, should be. A good oil will increase power while protecting your engine and extending its life.
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  4. Performance Plug Wires
    Make the most of your ignition system by getting all the energy to the plugs. A performance plug wire set can increase power and mileage.
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  5. Platinum Spark Plugs
    Most factory plugs are rated at 100,000 miles these days but this does not mean that they will be firing optimally for that length of time. Change the plugs more often for a bit more power and to see the condition of your engine. A used spark plug can tell you a lot about how your engine is running.
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