Forte Parts

The Forte is a compact car that started production with Kia in 2008. It is available in three basic models, the 2 door Koup, 4 door sedan and a 5 door hatchback model. Being well priced and economical to drive, the Forte is popular among younger drivers looking for a reliable car that is economical in price and at the pump. This is not to say that it can not be tricked out a little or hell, a lot. If you are looking to take your Forte to the next level, we are hear to give you the information to get the job done.

  • Performance Upgrades

    Want to get from point A to point B faster? Look into some engine mods to add some Ponies to your Forte. This section will encompass engine modifications, intake upgrades, ignition systems, exhaust kits and anything else designed to make more power. From the factory, your Forte is peppy but who wouldn’t like more power.

  • Suspension & Brakes

    If you are looking for some more grip or a slick lowered look, this is the section to go to. It will include lowering kits, performance bushings, brake upgrades tire and wheel packages and more. Everything that you need to turn your Kia into a canyon carver.

  • Interior Accessories

    Let’s not forget about where you will be spending all of your time, on the inside. This section will give you some help making your Forte the place to be. Seat upgrades, stereo mods, protective harnesses, shift knobs and a lot more.

  • Exterior Accessories

    Arguably the most important type of modification. What good is having a fast ride if it looks just like every other Forte that rolled out of the Kia plant? Modify the exterior of your car to make it as individual as you are.

More On The Kia Forte

The Forte replaced the popular Kia Spectre when it was revealed to the automotive world at auto shows in 2008. The model year officially began in 2009 and it is still in production today. It comes fromĀ  the same platform as the Hyundai Elantra and has been made available in three different body styles. You can get it in a 2 door coupe, four door sedan or a five door hatchback model.

When you compare the Forte to the model it replaced, the Spectre, there is a huge difference. The Forte is a bit longer than the Spectre, but boasts much better performance and styling. A more powerful engine selection and sportier sheet metal make the car very popular with younger buyers. It also makes it a popular choice with those looking for a base upon which to modify.

The standard engine in this offering from Kia is a good base from which to make more power and there are plenty of parts available to make it a nimble handling vehicle. This makes it a worthy candidate for someone looking for a car that is fun to drive and easy to modify. The Forte is a great vehicle to modify and the thousands of modified cars riding the street are testament to the flexibility of the platform that it is built on.



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