January 25, 2017

Replace a Kia Optima Side Mirror

Kia Side Mirror Replacement

Had a little accident involving your side mirror? No problem, believe it or not, replacing your side mirror is actually fairly easy. In no time at all, you can get your Optima back in one piece and regain your side visibility. Let’s begin.

Getting Parts
First, you need to get the part for your Optima. Like just about everything else, Amazon has you covered and for a pretty cheap price too. We found the one pictured on this page for well under the price that the dealer would charge.

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Removing the old mirror.
Now, you need to remove the old mirror from your Optima. Look for the triangle shaped cover on the inside of the door. Pop it off an then unscrew the three nuts holding the mirror in place. Pop off the electrical connection and remove the old mirror.

Install the new mirror.
Just the opposite of the removal. Insert the new mirror into the door, attach the electrical connector and tighten the three nuts. Reattach the triangle shaped panel and you are done.

You now have your ride back in one piece and can see to your sides again. Couldn’t be an easier repair.