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When the Kia Soul came to the market in 2008, it was something special. With the now famous Kia hamster commercials driving car sales, the Soul was, and is, a great success. Today, the car is a favorite among young buyers looking for a reliable and fun to drive car that is highly modifiable. Aftermarket companies have take to the Soul and have seen its potential. As a result, there are hundreds and hundreds of ways to modify your ride and make it unique. Whether you want to go mild or wild, there are mods for you. If you are ready to set your Soul apart from the masses, we are here to give you a hand with performance, suspension and appearance mods.

  • Performance Upgrades

    Who doesn’t want more power and fuel efficiency. The great thing about a light vehicle like the Soul is that even a little extra power goes a long way. A couple horses here and a couple horses there will add up to a huge difference in no time. Here are some mods that can bring your Soul’s engine to life.

  • Suspension & Brakes

    Want to drop your ride a few inches or give it a set of more capable brakes? This is the section for you. Everything that you need to know about lowering springs, performance bushings, shocks and braking systems.

  • Interior Accessories

    The inside of your vehicle is where you spend the most time, so do not forget about it. Spend a little time modifying your interior and get a more comfortable ride that is more fun to be in. This section is all about stereos and driver/passenger comfort.

  • Exterior Accessories

    Stand out from the crowd and make your Kia different than the thousands of others on the road in your city. Lean about tinting, vinyl graphics, paint care and a lot more in this section.

More On The Kia Soul

The Soul has been widely successful since its release and has won numerous awards. Kelly Blue Book named it one of the five greatest automotive deals because of the high quality of the car and features for the price point. The Texas Auto Writers Association agreed, naming it a Best Value. Other publications such as Popular Mechanics gave it the 2010 Automotive Excellence Award. There is no doubt that the Kia Soul is a great little car. Anyone who owns one will tell you that.

The Kia Soul Hamsters

Perhaps one of the greatest advertising campaigns of all times, the Kia hamsters drove sales of the Soul. With the “A New Way To Roll” campaign, they quickly gained the attention of younger audiences. There was no mistaking who Kia was targeting with this car and with this advertising campaign. One look at the dress of the hamsters and the choice of music said that it was all about youth. Nielson awarded the commercials automotive ad of the year and they are the only auto maker to be added to the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame, an advertising honor.





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